5 Most Iconic Coca-Cola Brands

Atlanta, Georgia is the headquarters for the Coca-Cola Company, meaning we know more about the brand and its drinks than anyone else. So what are some of the best drinks that Coca-Cola has to offer? Here are the five most iconic Coca-Cola brands.

Coca-Cola brands Sprite

Coca-Cola’s second most famous drink, Sprite, combines the bittersweet flavors of lemon and lime to deliver a refreshing clear soda.


Lesser-known than Sprite but no less delicious, this classic citrus soda from the 90s recently underwent a nostalgic revival!


With a splash of citrus flavor, Fanta offers a fantastic alternative to the traditional Coca-Cola beverages with just as much flavor.

Minute Maid

From refreshing lemonade to delicious orange juice, Minute Maid provides customers with the sweetest and most invigorating fruit juice around to get them through their day.


Nothing beats a classic! No matter if you order your Coke diet, vanilla, or just the plain old classic flavor, there’s a reason that Coke is the drink that continues to change the world!

There is no doubt that Coca-Cola makes some of the most refreshing drinks we’ve ever tasted, and there are many meals that are not complete without a big glass of Coca-Cola. Do you have a favorite?

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