Car Tips: How to Fix a Scratch in Your Car

Throughout the life of a car, there are many dings and scratches. Whether it’s the owner’s fault or due to other circumstances, it’s bound to happen. Luckily, fixing small scratches is simple. Here’s how to fix a scratch in your car to save yourself some money.

The first thing that you need to do is purchase the correct paint to match the paint on your car. Most cars have this information somewhere on the vehicle, but you can have the folks at the shop mix a custom paint for you if you bring in a sample. You will also need primer.

Once you have your paint, it’s time to prep the area that you’re going to fix. Start by cleaning the area thoroughly to get rid of any dust or other particles that could mess up your paint job. After you clean the area, mask off the surround areas to prevent paint from getting in unwanted places. To finish up the prep, lightly sand around the scratch.

Next, paint the primer over your area. If you need to, lightly sand down the primer before putting on your coat of paint. After the primer is dry, apply your paint. If necessary, apply a second coat after the first has dried.

If the scratch is deeper or more serious, you may want to consider taking it into a professional, such as Ed Voyles Acura, to be fixed.

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