Automatic Car Wash Tips to Protect Your Car

Going through the automatic car wash isn’t the best way to wash your car, but it is the quickest, and sometimes it’s all we have time for. Getting your car clean is still a lot better than leaving it dirty, since dirt and accumulated salt can damage the paint and the metal. Just follow these easy automatic car wash tips.

If you go to a car wash where there are assistants to wipe down your car afterwards rather than your car being blown dry at the end, make sure they have clean towels. Dirty towels can damage your paint job while being wiped off, so if they have dirty ones, just politely refuse the drying service.

Need to know automatic car wash tipsAutomatic car-washes often have unnecessary additional services like rustproofing that can cost a lot of extra money. Get cheaper packages—auto washes aren’t great for your car anyway, and additional washes won’t change that.

Always have the undercarriage washed! This is a part of the car that is often neglected during regular cleaning, and it’s where the most dust and dirt accumulates, potentially causing the car to rust. Car washes are also useful for their wheel and tire cleaning options, which are an easy way to get rid of brake dust that can damage your wheels.

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