How to Safely Transport Pets in the Car

When you take your pets on a road trip with you, there are a lot things to keep in mind to keep yourself and your pet safe. Follow these easy safety tips for driving with pets in the car.

Especially if you’re driving by yourself, pets shouldn’t be free to roam the entire car. If they try to climb onto your lap or by your feet (cats in particular), it can be distracting and dangerous. Cats should be in a carrier. The best way to transport dogs is in a crate or carrier of some kind. Try to strap these in with the seatbelt!

How to keep pets in the car safeIf you don’t want to put your pet in a carrier, set up a barrier between the front and back seats, and make sure you block off the area under the seat as well. SUVs and hatchbacks are great if you have room to keep a crate back there.

Always make sure your pets have access to clean water, and stop frequently to let them go to the bathroom. When you’re road tripping with a pet, feed them at the same time you usually do! If they eat at five, find somewhere to stop at five and give them their dinner. And most of all, never leave a pet unattended in a car, but especially on a hot day. It’s dangerous and likely illegal depending on the state.

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